Welcome to Daleville Alabama

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Welcome to Daleville Alabama

Welcome to Daleville Alabama

The town of Daleville is located in Dale County, in the southeastern corner of the State of Alabama. Daleville is home to Fort Rucker, the primary military aviation training base in the United States.

It is the military that brought about, and continues to bring about, many of the significant changes in Daleville. Daleville was founded in 1830 by veterans of the Creek War who settled there after the Creek removal. Throughout the 19th and first half of the 20th century, Daleville was a sleepy little farming community. However, in 1942, Camp Rucker, later Fort Rucker, was established there. Fort Rucker is the primary training base for Army Aviation. Not only all Army Aviation training takes place there but also all training of U.S. Air Force helicopter pilots. Fort Rucker is also home to the United States Army Aviation Center of Excellence and the United States Army Aviation Museum.

After Fort Rucker was built, a local man and former mayor of nearby Ozark named Douglas Brown and two partners, L.C. Hall and Bob Culpepper, recognized the need for residential and commercial development to meet the needs of the military and their families stationed at Fort Rucker.

After purchasing 400 acres, the three men slowly built infrastructure, residences and commercial properties, making Daleville a permanent home for many servicemen and women and their families. After serving in the military, a number of veterans have also retired in Daleville, contributing much to the quality of life there.

Two famous sports figures are from Daleville: former NFL player and pro bowler, Tony Richardson and Shawn Stuckey, linebacker for the New England patriots.

Daleville, however, is still a small town, population in 2010 was less than 6,000 people, with the majority of the population between the ages of eighteen and sixty-five.

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